Products for the oxidation of wood Tannic and Non-Tannic woods


− Our products are not dyes or coloring agents but products for oxidation which react to the tannin in woods. All these products interact and should be applied in a particular order. The quality and the origin of the various woods have an impact on the final result. Sap-wood does not react to oxidation.
− Our products should not be mixed with one another. They should be applied one after another in a certain order once the previous one has dried.
− All these products have an aqueous base and may be diluted in different proportions to obtain endless different colors. The possibilities are immense and give every user the possibility of obtaining very individual results.

Example: 0842 + 20% water, 0844 + 30% water or 0843 + 80% water

Our products may be purchased in various concentrations and dilutions. Products may be delivered according to your requirements, likewise we can mix and create all kinds of special finishes within the framework of our products.

Example: 0842 C3 (basic product concentrated 3 times) or 0853 C3 (basic product concentrated 3 times) or 0843 D2 (basic product diluted twice)……

Be careful to make accurate note of all the steps taken so as to be able to obtain the same results again. The products should be applied generously and evened out with a soft brush so as to avoid any stains. v It is of the utmost importance to read the technical data sheet carefully before using the different products.
When the products are used either in a machine or using simple tools (brushes, rollers etc…) they will have come into contact with the tannin in the wood, so that the chemical reaction will have started.
Consequently should these products be used again, they will be less effective and may then yield different colors for the next wood finish. Every user may have his own particular technique and can reduce the second passage (usage) of the oxidizing agent by reducing the quantity of product put at any one time in the container of the machine.

Example: in a 5 liter container put only 3 liters. This will reduce the second passing of the product and will require more frequent adding of the new product. This will give the oxidation agent a more constant quality according to the machine used. Products used once should not be used again the next day.

A product used once should not be poured back into a container containing new agents.

Stocking and conservation

These products should be stocked in a cool place between 15 and 20°C, away from daylight and freezing temperatures.
Equalizer 0844 and the aging agent 0853 have a lifespan of approximately 3 months, powders 2 to 3 years in a closed package and other liquids approximately 12 months.

• If products have outlived their lifespan the results obtained will be seriously altered.


There are three types of machines:

1) By pulverization
Machines which work by pulverization enable a generous distribution of the products and are recommended for all brushed and strongly brushed woods. Very good results for large quantities may be obtained with these machines as some machines are very sophisticated.

2) By sprinkling
Machines which work by sprinkling enable a generous distribution of the products but they need to be very well regulated to obtain good results. There are a certain number of machines on the market: small machines appropriate for smaller quantities and large machines for industrial production.

3) Roll on method
For machines with roll-method very soft rollers should be used so that the quantity of products may be increased. By using the same formula and using one machine after another better results are obtained. For the powder products which are diluted in water such as 0686-0698-0848 or 0849 a pump should be used to keep the liquid in constant movement in the container in which the product is kept in the machine.

It is essential to ensure a good maintenance and upkeep of the machine and of all the different parts used any residue should be cleaned off when changing products. New products coming in contact with residue of formerly used products will lead to a chemical reaction and will hence reduce or cancel their effect.


We have in our range, products which yield different finishes and have different strengths.
Oils do not create a film on the wood surface and give a natural look, without changing the colors obtained by oxidation. Their strength is similar to that of oil and not of varnish. In case of stains or damage they may be repaired easily by working on the damaged area with the oil. We recommend here in particular our aqueous based oil 0218 which is colorless. Our white Oil 0231 for parquet floors, or our oil for outdoor use 0271 anti-ultraviolet or our oil 0273 wax for indoor use for parquets, wall coverage and paneling.

Isolating coat
The Isolating coat 0219 may be covered with any aqueous varnish without effecting the colors; it may not however be considered as a finishing coat.

The Varnish 0220 satin or mat finish is a very strong single component varnish.
• Other finishing oils or varnishes may be used if they have been tested beforehand.

Technical development
We are grateful for any suggestions based on individual experience to improve our technical data sheets.
• Please let us have your remarks and comments

Hygiene and Security

It is recommended that suitable rubber gloves be worn while manipulating these products.Work should be carried out in a well-ventilated room and a masque should be worn while using 0844 and 0843 if the machines in use are not equipped with an air purifying suction system.

Please find our security sheets on our internet home page.



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