0696 - 0698

These whitening pastes modify completely the appearance of the aging agents, giving them a washedout look.
• The paste 0696 is used for oak and tannic wood, for spruce and resinous wood.
• The paste 0698 is used for spruce and resinous wood, for oak and tannic wood.


Mix the powder with water so as to obtain a smooth paste, the amount of powder which should be added depends of the application method chosen.
• 100 - 200 g for pulverization
• 150 - 300 g and more for an application with a brush.


• The paste should be applied either by pulverization (field sprayer), with a machine or a paint brush in a fine or thicker coat (before pulverizing, the mixture should be filtered)
• Following the drying period, any surplus should be eliminated with a brush or with a damp sponge or a green pad, by hand or with a machine.


The wood prepared in this way may be given different finishes (see sheets 0842 0844 – 0852 0853): a wax 0244 a parquet oil 0218, a chalet oil wax 0273 interior and exterior 0271 matt anti uv.

The whitening paste may be colored by adding pigments; in order to whiten it titan oxide should be added, to color it ochre yellow, ochre red, or ultramarine blue should be added.


Please read the security instructions carefully
Work in a well ventilated room
Wear rubber gloves
Do not swallow
Keep it away from the access of children

Information and details are given here in good faith but without involving our responsibility.



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