Oil for parquet floors

Aqueous colorless

Does not alter or darken wood which has been treated with graying agent The color does not change


This oil emulsion does not contain any COV – it gives a quality finish while maintaining a natural aspect.


Wood which has been treated or not with our graying agent, must be dry, sanded down and dust free.


It may be used on all woods for indoor use and is applied in one or two coats. The second coat should be applied wet on wet (a second coat applied on a very dry first coat will not adhere well nor stretch properly). On very hard woods the first coat may be diluted by 10% with water.

“Shake well before using”

Used by hand

It should be applied either with a brush or rolled on in a fine and regular coat.

Industrial use

It can be rolled on or sprayed.


Once it has dried a nice finish can be obtained with a WHITE PAD which will give the wood a nice appearance.

Cleaning of tools: with water
Quantities : 8 – 10 m² per liter depending on how porous the wood is
Packaging: 1 liter, 5 liters, 30 liters and more.

Security measures

It is indispensable to wear rubber gloves
Do not swallow
Keep out of the reach of children

This information is given here in good faith but does not involve our responsibility.



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